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By Harley John

A doctor specialized in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the oral cavity is called as a dentist. The branch of medicine that is involved in the study of the oral cavity is called as dentistry. Oral disease is the major prevalent problem across the world. Each oral disease is unique. Dentists diagnose the problems with teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth and treat them accordingly. Dentists also give advice on taking care of the teeth and gums and helps to prevent oral and dental problems. They encourage proper dental hygiene and regular checkups for the prevention of oral diseases. The check up should be done once in every three months, so that professional cleaning and evaluation can be done. Condition of oral cavity indicates many systematic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis or cancer and sometimes even aids.

The required entry-level education is supposed to be a degree in dental science or dental medicine. To work as a dentist, one should be a graduate from an accredited dental college and pass the written and practical exams as well. On the job training is an additional training needed to attain competency required for this occupation. This provides them the license to work in most of the states.


Admission to dental school is generally based on the scores acquired in the admission test. For eligibility, one should be a graduate from high school and complete the required courses such as general biology, chemistry, physics and statistics. The dental schools provide four years of training after which they are awarded the degree of doctor of dental surgery or doctor of dental medicine. Both the degrees are same; they just depend on the dental school attended. After getting the degree, one has to appear and pass the exam conducted by the dental association in the state in which they wish to practice. After attaining the license, a dentist can carry out treatments such as root canal therapy, dental restorations, crown, orthodontics, gum therapy and extraction of the tooth. There are other complex procedures which can be carried out by the dentists, but for such procedures, dentists need to have an additional qualification.

While most of the dentists set up their own clinic, some of them work with other dentists and become an associate dentist. Job prospects for dentists are fairly good. Most of the advanced countries require dentists and dental professionals. Many skilled people are making a fortune in these countries and are leading a quality lifestyle. The support team of dentists includes dental technicians, assistants, hygienists and therapists. In a dentist’s office one of the first people who meet the patient is a dental hygienist. A lot of dental health products and oral care products are available in the market. These include toothpastes, toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, mouthwash, teeth whiteners, oral irrigators and many others. Apart from this, night guards and dentures are also available. Proper oral and dental care should be taken and one should brush their teeth twice a day. Apart from frequent brushing and flossing one should make it a point to pay a visit to the dentist once in every three months to ensure good oral and dental health.

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