Can Online Guitar Lessons Beat A Live Teacher?

Can Online Guitar Lessons Beat a Live Teacher?


Bill Jefferson

Now that you have decided you wish to master guitar, the next question should be what is the best way to go about it. You might pay a live coach for guitar instruction or sign up for lessons on the internet. Compare each option and then settle on which strategy would work better for you.

Employ a tutor

You can take lessons from an instructor at a music store or school or employ a teacher to come to your house and give you private lessons. A great teacher will give you a solid background in music theory and also help you with complicated fingerings, etc. A quality trainer is able to look at your development and assist in areas in which you need additional help. The correct teacher can help a good player turn into an outstanding player and an outstanding player become a master.

The down side of a live trainer is that the instruction can come to be really costly, anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five or thirty dollars per class. This can be prohibitive for quite a few students.

Also, live guitar classes need to be scheduled. Maybe the teacher in your town has openings on Friday at three PM and Tuesday at eight AM. Will that fit around your school or work schedule? Plus there may be driving time called for. Add the cost of gasoline to the cost and by the way, how’s the weather where you are located? Is it snowing?


One last point about guitar teachers, they frequently specialize in one particular style of music. That smokin’ hot blues guitar instructor might not know much about jazz or bluegrass or whatever it is you’d like to try in the future.

Or it is possible to making use of online guitar lessons.

Having a subscription to a good guitar website you’ll have an arranged course of lessons that help you progress in an efficient method. That is surely missing in the “hunt for cost-free videos on the internet” approach. You’ll go step by step in a well-planned program of instruction and use your time mastering and enjoying your guitar instead of hunting and gathering.

While a lot of on-line guitar programs have just one instructor, you will find some with a wide variety of teachers. One site, Guitar Tricks, has the most with forty-five different teachers. Every single one brings something distinct to the table and at least one of them is really a master of the style you want to play, whether it is jazz, metal, classical, country, punk, bluegrass, well you get the idea.

some guitar courses contain a number of back up tracks you can play along with. It’s like having a band at hand whenever you feel like playing and they’re never late for practice or hung over. Guitar Tricks, as an example, has Jamplay, a library of more than 150 tracks, many more than any other on-line course, and more to come. Discover so solo, to improvise and to perform backup and also the Jamplay musicians will in no way talk about you behind your again.

You can find DVD based programs that might have anywhere from fifty to a hundred and fifty lessons, some have more, some have much less. Guitar Tricks presently has around 1500 lessons accessible at all skill levels. You never have to be concerned about them being too advanced or about out growing them. When you are past the basics you are able to discover the styles of your favorite players, B.B. King, Chet Atkins, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton etc. Guitar Tricks will take you as far as you choose to go.

Wouldn’t it be worth the price of a couple lattes each month to save never ending hours of looking for usable guitar tabs and turbocharge you guitar playing?

In case you do decide to look at online guitar programs, make positive you look for a several things:

1) Has the site you are thinking about been around for a while? You will not want to spend money on some fly-by-night company that may possibly not be here next month or next week.


2) What do students say regarding the website. Search for testimonials. Read a dozen or two and see how the website has helped the students increase their guitar playing.

3) Have a look at the instructors. Anybody can claim to be a guitar instructor. You should be able to read about the instructors before you sign up. Where did they study? Are they expert musicians? How much experience to they have?

4) Take a handful of cost-free sample lessons before you sign up. A reputable guitar instruction web site will let you see what they’re all about. Try a couple no cost sample lessons and make certain they’re what you are looking for.

Learn how to get 24 free introductory lessons from Guitar Tricks at

Today’s Guitar

. That’s more free lessons than you would get if you paid for most DVD based guitar courses.

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