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Looking for a relaxing place to call home in a warm, exotic location? If you are, then give some serious consideration to the wonderful town of Sitges, just on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. Sitges is known the world over for it’s pristine, white sandy beaches that provide an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. People come from all over to enjoy the unique nightlife that truly has something for everyone, no matter what your taste may be!

The lush, healthy environment of Sitges, along with it’s mild, year-round climate have made it into a magnet, attracting individuals and families from all over the world. Sitges is also home to English language schools, allowing families with children from English speaking nations to relocate to Sitges with ease.

The town of Sitges is thought to have been settled around the 4Th century and much of the town still has that same old world feel. Sitges is currently known far and wide as a relaxing town that host it’s annual Carnival between the month’s of February and March. The action kicks off every year on Fat Tuesday and is practically non-stop until Ash Wednesday. Sitges also host an annual Film Festival, specializing in fantasy and horror movies. The Film Festival itself was founded in 1967 and usually takes place in early October. The Festival is very well attended by a host of Hollywood celebrities.


Finding an available Sitges properties is not a problem to be concerned about. Due, at least in part, to it’s amazing location right on the shores of the Mediterranean, Sitges can boast of a listing of available properties that can be rivaled by very few places in the world. Whether you happen to be searching for a luxury villa for an extended stay, or if you are in the market for something slightly less luxurious, Sitges villas are sure to have something to your liking.

For a truly unique, exotic and beautiful place to live, surrounded by a host of wonderful people from all over the world, give Sitges a try. It is a very special place to spend a one of a kind vacation that just may last the rest of your life!

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