Navigating Asx Stock Screener

Navigating ASX Stock Screener


Alan McKnight

One of the most common stock exchanges is the Australia Stock Exchange denoted as ASX. This exchange provides people with several opportunities for investing in stocks in Australia. There are several stock screeners in this stock exchange. ASX came to be in July 2006 after the merger of Sydney Futures Exchange and Australian Stock Exchange and it is today the primary stock market group in Australia. This market can be regarded as a multi asset class and at the same time a vertically integrated exchange group. It is also one of the best ranked exchanges in the world in terms of market capitalization.


The Australian Stock Exchange spans a variety of activities including primary and secondary market services that will include trading and investing, volume and price discovery through Australian Securities Exchange, raising, hedging and allocation of capital flows, transaction settlement for fixed income markets and equities through ASX Settlement corporation subsidiaries and central counter party risk transfer through ASX clearing corporation subsidiaries. The Australian Stock Exchange functions as a clearing house, market operators, central securities depository and payments system facilitator. It also promotes corporate governance standards among the listed Australian companies, helps in educating retail investors and oversees operating rules compliance. The Australia Stock Screener has a diverse domestic and international customer base and this will include fund managers, market data vendors, retail investors, trading and investment banks, trust and corporate issuers of financial products and listed securities, hedge funds, proprietary traders and brokers, commodity trading advisers and other trading and listing venues. Australian Stock Exchange seeks to promote confidence in the markets by providing processes, systems as well as services in a fair and reliable manner. This is the most important thing in ASX’s success in the long term. The ASX compliance which is a fully owned subsidiary provides the enforcement and monitoring of compliance with the operating rules and this underpins the exchange’s activities as an operator in this market. ASX Stock screener is capable of providing users with a variety of stock options to invest in that are listed in the Australian market. These stocks can be viewed in different categories namely stock prices, their history as well as their future among others. The screeners should be able to provide users with many types of options for searching n order to make it easier for them to find the ideal stocks for investing in given their requirements. Australia Stock Screener

is capable of providing users with a wide variety of shares to invest in that are traded in the Australian market. Try

ASX Stock screener

today and find outperforming stocks that can continue to grow rapidly.

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Navigating ASX Stock Screener

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