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Jim Orford

By trading more than3 years, testing more than 500 indicators and almost 250 EA’s, they have launched worlds simplest forex trading methods = 3ACSE4FX. It includes 3aces of forex means 3 different methods to trade forex by which you can easily earn 30-100 pips a day easily. It uses NO TECHNICAL INDICATOR or EA. Trader will not need to create any complecated setup or needs to load ea.So, there is no need to leave your computer turned on overnights. These methods can be traded on any platform around the world. No compulsion of using specific platform. Even beginner can trade with these methods and earn great amount of profits. One more amazing thing about these methods is, it works on only 5MIN and 15MIN timeframe. So, trader can have many opportunity in a day to trade. A winning ratio of these methods is more than 95% if traded as per guidelines given in this product. With these methods traders also get the tips for “when not to trade”. If trader knows when not to trade then he or she cant lose.

In this product every ace(method) is described very carefuly and by examples. You will see many actual screenshots of trades, so you will understand more and more.As I ssaid it before, there are 3ACES (methods) with this sytem, and each of them has a potential to earn huge profits. Its an amazing system because you just need to take a look at screen and youwill know within 2-3 seconds whats happening and what will happen.

Talking about its name, 3ACES is really suits for this sytem. These 3 methods are really 3aces of the forex. Everyone or evry trader has it now on screen , but this systems tells us and helps us to find where are these 3 aces locates. And more impotantlly, how to use them.


1st Ace of the sytem works on 5 min chart. It asks you to set take profit level for minimum 10 pips. And in my experience, it can generate you atleast 20 pips per trade. This 1st ACE gives you almost 6-7 opporunities in a day to trade.

2nd Ace of the system works on 15 min chart. It asks you to set take profit level for minimum 25 pips. I experienced, it can generae atleast 35-45 pips per trade. This 2nd ACE gives you almost 5-6 opportunities in a day to trade.

3rd Ace is the most amazing. It gives you accurate trend reversal signal. It asks you to set take profit level for minimum 25 pips. But I got almost 60-70 pips profir per trade. This 3rd ACE gives you 1-2 opportunities in day to trade.

Talking about support, these system offers great support and assistance. If you contact them by email, tehy gets back to you within 24 hours and solves your issue or assists you. This is the most important part for any system.

Moreover they are also offering lifetime support, means they offers you free lifetime updates regarding to this system.

So, the revolution in Forex is here.A future of Forex is here. And most importantly, A profit for the traders is here. First ever system without any indicator or ea, htttp://

Happy Trading,

Jim Orford

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