The Importance Of Who You Know In The Real Estate Investing World

The Importance of Who You Know in the Real Estate Investing World


Patrick R. Page

Investing in real estate at any stage of an investor s career can be challenging.However,when one obtains the proper training,and associates themselves with like-minded people,it s easier than you think.

Donald Trump may be considered one of the more savvy and successful real estate investors in the world.


Because he works with a team of professionals who help him get to the next deal.He has different loan originators,title companies, building contractors,financial analysts,accountants,negotiators,lawyers,and security companies just to name a few.He knows the value of a team and a community of experts,because without them,he wouldn t be as successful as he is.


However assembling this type of team can be very time consuming and painful at best.

You may have heard of the good old boy networks in the investing world.Well,these networks are very real.What some may refer to as \”luck\” in always obtaining choice properties is actually,just knowing the right people.These types of real estate investment communities have their finger on the pulse on many choice properties,lenders,tenants and buyers that no one else knows about;and,its members often pool resources,so that big deal that was getting away,isn t lost.However gaining access to one of these communities is difficult.Again,it s who you know.

Instant Equity Enterprises is this type of network. It consists of professionals who offer mentoring,coaching and support throughout your journey from the start of a transaction,to its completion.The professionals that make up this network range from accountants,and financial advisors, to funding sources,and expert real estate investors all ready to help you get through your first few deals,and can continue throughout your real estate career.

Though admittance into these types of communities is difficult,Instant Equity Enterprises is no different.They value the quality of its membership,that s why each professional is evaluated based on their years of experience,their expertise in the field,and the level of service they provide.Conversely,the same is true for each investor;however the criterion is a little different.Each investor is required to take a skills assessment exam,or attend an intensive real estate investing program.That way, IEE gets an understanding of the depth and breadth of your knowledge,and knows the level of support you would require.However,if an investor has not been through training, Instant Equity will direct them to one.

Though everyone knows that the time to buy real estate is now, and to be honest, one can t go wrong in their purchasing decisions if all variables line up correctly.However,once a purchase is made, the investor will be faced with finding quality contractors to complete the rehab,quality professionals to find, screen,and qualify prospective tenants or buyers and knowledgeable financial advisors to guide the investor to the most beneficial transaction for tax purposes Hence the real essence of an effective investing network and community.

In today s climate of high tuition cost,and jobless claims,it s a lot easier to teach a young adult how to earn $25,000 per transaction,than teaching them how to find a $30,000 a year job.I mean really, which one can you control?

If you have the opportunity to get involved with an investment community, take advantage of it. The decision might afford you new friendships,allow you to gain new connections,build a family business and maybe,just maybe,it just might make you rich.

Instant Equity Enterprises,LLC is a

real estate investment group

that helps its members build profitable investment portfolios through various programs;to include coaching,mentoring and continuing education.To learn more visit


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