Tips For Choosing Log Cutting Tools

byAlma Abell

When it comes to choosing log cutting tools bigger is not always better. In fact, choosing the right tool depends a lot on the type of job and the size of the timber or logs you are working with. It also depends a lot on your ability and strength as well.

The good news is that there is a range of log cutting tools in various sizes, weights and options that will make any job much easier. Although trying out the tools is always a good option, you can also use the tips below to narrow down your choices and determine which size, type and style of log cutting tools will be best for you.


Longer Handles Equal More Force

When it comes to chopping types of log cutting tools, particularly an axe, you want a larger head and a longer handle for bigger jobs or for bigger logs. This allows you to have the maximum force when you bring the axe over your head and down in the arcing motion both for felling trees as well as splitting or cutting wood.

Smaller hand axes or hatchets are good for smaller projects, removing small limbs or even removing saplings and brush. These are also a better option in small spaces where a full swing is not possible.

Blade Shape

Adze blades come in a variety of different shapes for different types of projects. The most common blade for these log cutting tools is a flat blade or slightly curved blade with a straight handle. Like the axe the longer the handle the more force you can generate, but with the adze force may not always be as important as this is more for finishing and shaping rather than chopping or cutting.

There is also an adze with a very pronounced curve to the blade. This is often called a gutter adze as it resembles the shape of the gutter on your house, with the half circle curve to the inside or bottom of the blade. These are used to create pronounced rounded edges where the size of the blade will control the actual curve.

If you aren’t sure about the log cutting tools that you need talk to someone with experience in woodworking, log cabin construction or tool manufacturing.

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